Dominick Butler

And The Synergy

Who We Are

Dominick Butler and the Synergy is a band whose sole purpose is to glorify God by creating songs that bring people into an encounter with God Himself

The Roots

When Dominick’s life was revolutionized by the power of the love of God in 2005, he immediately redirected his passion of writing music about his rebellious life to writing about how God saved his life. He started assisting a worship team in Maryland. They gave him the opportunity and mentorship he needed to give way to his gifting as a worship leader and songwriter. His parents felt a strong unction of the Lord to move to Florida in 2006. When he moved to Florida, he began attending the River Church of Tampa Bay with Drs. Rodney & Adonica Browne. This Church set Dominick’s heart ablaze. He was honored to serve on the main worship team, and also lead the youth worship team for years. He chartered multiple original Christian bands such as Maillet and Lady At The Well during that season and wrote countless songs.

The Journey

Dominick met his wife Jackie through a bible study he started at his house in 2010. They eventually began associate pastoring and leading worship at a church called Refuge Church with Pastors Ronnie and Krystal Stewart. He produced and wrote the music for a live album they released in 2015 entitled, “Refuge Live-Open Arms.” Dominick and his wife after serving at Refuge for 5 years heard from the Lord to move forward into a new chapter. After searching they found a church called West Coast Word Church w/ Pastors Aaron & Angie Derksen. They currently serve in the leadership and assist the worship team continuing to write original music. Dominick collaborates with friends all over the country to sculpt the melodies and lyrics God has placed in his heart. Nothing brings him greater joy then seeing and hearing that people encounter the presence of God through the songs.

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Dominick has been actively involved with praise & worship teams, Christian bands and original albums for over a decade. No matter what project he had the honor of serving upon, his heart’s cry has always been to write songs that bring people to a greater revelation of who God is. The Spirit has dealt with him as of late to take more initiative with the new songs God has given him. Due to that commission, he has assembled a dynamic group of dear friends that help paint a greater picture of what he envisioned in his heart. That’s where the “Synergy” comes into play. Synergy is when the interaction of solo elements combine to produce a greater sum. Dominick desired to include more than just his voice and his heart alone. He wanted to reflect the power and beauty of the Church by teaming up with passionate colleagues to create a glorious sound from heaven that leads the earth in harmony.

Our Message

Dominick Butler and the Synergy is a group of musicians that do not find their identity in their instruments, they rather ever-discover themselves in surrendering as instruments for God to use to manifest His Glory. No matter how creative or industrious the songs’ sound, not even the most well crafted lyrics could ever replace the most vital instrument of worship; which is the heart. Dominick’s prayer is that the songs he writes would encourage, empower, and ultimately take people to a place where the voice of God resounds in in their hearts with absolute clarity.

Faith, Family

& Praise

When Dominick sees his family, he sees the tangible blessing of God manifested in his life on full display. His gorgeous wife Jackie and his beloved daughter Bliss Bethea are the backbone to all that he does. The Lord has given them a dynamic vision to impact their local community and beyond.

1 Thes 5:18 NKJV; “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”


To Our Faith

The new album A Place of No Return has been released!

Check out our promotional video explaining the inspiration behind this endeavor and how you can be a part of helping us spread the good news.

Our Journey So Far

“If you have never been lost in the presence of God, you haven’t found Him yet.”

“For the source of Your pleasure is not my performance or the sacrifices I might offer You. The foundation of Your pleasure is found in the sacrifices of my shattered heart before You. You will not despise my tenderness as I humbly bow down at your feet.”

Psalms 51:16-17 (Passion Translation)

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